Vision Zero was first developed in 1997 in Sweden and is about making transport safer.

The Whangarei Version of Vision Zero is about  de-carbonizing transport, making it more flexible, convenient and affordable, and of course make it safe.

The Whangarei Vision Zero initiative started in May 2018 with a causal conversation if Whangarei could achieve the lofty goal of having a customized mobility-as-service-model (MAAS) transporting the disabled, aged, youth and others autonomously, safe and emission free within 15 km of Whangarei’s City Centre.  To work out a plan we organised an AV/EV Symposium on 28. May and are now implementing a phased approach.


Below you find related background information on the wider context of this initiative, the growth rates of the region and its associated opportunities and challenges. This information is based on awesome work by local & central government, as well as cool industry led projects.


how could a multi-modal concept for Whangarei look like – beyond cars?

You can find more information and the wider planing context under Resources.