Why Whangarei?

Here are some reasons why we think Whangarei is the ideal place to implement the ambitious Vision Zero Whangarei by 2025


  • Whangarei is going through the biggest transformation in the last decade
    • over 15,000 new house to build in the next 10-15 years
    • a new billion dollar hospital extension
    • the City Centre has traditionally been the focal point for shopping and economic activities , servicing both local and rural communities.  Now the City Centre is experiencing changes in retail (big satellite stores at the City Centre fringes, online shopping), many vacant properties and poor connectivity.
    • very low uptake/ patronage of public transport
    • new cycle ways connecting Kamo and Onerahi to the City Centre
  • Whangarei has got an ideal hub and spoke layout with four arterial roads the only access to the City Centre: Onerahi (East), Kamo (North), Manu (West) and State Highway SH1 South to Auckland etc.
  • a growing digital technology uptake with fast speed fibre and a growing tech entrepreneur ecosystem developing
  • Smart City initiative by local businesses and local government
  • new transport concepts being developed around NZ’s deepest natural port – NorthPort, as an alternative to the most expensive land area of Ports of Auckland
  • road safety and other transport trials & developments happening in Northland


In addition to the socio-economic parameters of Whangarei and its Hinterland, and the opportunity this transformation project could bring in terms of right skilling/ education and new jobs, we think Whangarei is the ideal location to be the first provincial town in New Zealand to implement an ambitious plan like Vision Zero.

Once we have proven that it adds value and work-life balance to Whangarillians, we plan to help other New Zealand provincial towns and similar places internationally to do the same.